Parlay continues to offer new features and functions that make us competitive and industry leading. We’ve recently revamped features including our bingo client itself, chat and chat management and scheduling modal while innovating completely new product lines.


Our Classic Bingo product offerings:


RNG Bingo

A traditional online bingo offering that runs bingo in a plug and play solution via certified RNG ball calls - can be a fully managed solution via an RGS (Remote Gaming Server) or as part of a full system deployment.


Live Ball Call

A new innovation that allows a live ball caller/ hopper to feed the results for our online Bingo games. Rather than the bingo results coming from our certified RNG, in Live Ball Call the results are fed from a caller in a live real-world Bingo game.


POS (Point of Sale)

A point of sale device combines live ticket sales, printing, and redemption of physical bingo tickets into any Parlay bingo game (RNG or Live Ball Call).

All of our bingo offerings include the following comprehensive Bingo Hall Management Tools:

Embedded marketing modal with pre-purchase management and easy to use CMS tools

75, 80, 90 ball variants with ability to add more

Ability to schedule months/ years in advance

Time-saving Recurring Schedule options

Chat room configuration and chat host management tools

1000s of bingo game configuration options

Full multi-currency/ multilingual capabilities

Ability to pool liquidity across languages and currencies

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